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The XSR cymbal line is an intermediate series introduced in 2016 to replace the XS20 series. XSR cymbals combine B20 alloy, pinpoint hammering/lathing and design elements from the Sabian Legacy and X-Plosion lines such as reshaped bells, lighter weights, and bright tonality. The result is a beginner cymbal series with characteristics of a more expensive series. 

The 14" X-Celerator Hi-Hat features a grooved edge on the bottom hat to prevent trapped air and improve foot response.

This price reflects the top hat.

Years of Production: 2016 - present

Composition: Sabian B20 alloy (80% copper, 20% tin, traces of silver)

Tonal Profile: Bright, cutting, lively

Weight: Medium top/heavy bottom

Product Specs

  • 14" XSR X-Celerator Hi-Hat (Top)
  • Traditional
  • 2010s