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Product Specs

  • VR-09 V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard
  • Black
  • 2010s
Number of Keys
  • 61 Keys

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Reviews for the Roland VR-09 V-Combo Live Performance Keyboard
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  • Verified Purchase

    THIS KEYBOARD IS INCREDIBLE! As a beginner with no skills in organs, this is easy to understand and fun to mess around with! It sounds incredible and the versatility of the sounds mean I have infinite possibilities!


    Verified Purchase

    The VR-09 is the best keyboard I have ever bought (next to my Hammond organs, of course). The draw bars and rotary simulator allow for a very authentic sound that I consider better than the Crumar Mojo (which I owned briefly). You can switch voices with one push of a button - This is THE workhorse f…

  • Everything keyboard.

    Verified Purchase

    I also have access to a Nord 5D, which I love but it's menu architecture is maddening to say the least. The vr-09 is very easy to navigate and the sounds and patches and presets are very accessible. Changing presets on-the-fly is a breeze. I would suggest a road case for this if you're going to gig …

  • excellent live keyboard

    Verified Purchase

    Accessible controls allowing for quick tweaks in live situation, decent sounds though nothing to write home about, very light means easy to carry to gigs, but I worry about how well it'll wear.

  • Roland VR-09 Combo Organ/Keys

    Verified Purchase

    Had a vintage Korg CX-3 which in its time was a bad ass organ, super sound/tone/drawbars, perfect stage organ, and would at times piggy back a cheap Yamaha on top for piano & synth sounds. The CX-3 eventually crapped out, transitors, resistors, old electronics inside literally just wear out like an…