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Reviews for the Roland System-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer
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  • Majestic! Magic! Better than you think! (System 1m)

    Musical stuff just oozes out of this thing. The oscillators and filters sound fantastic. The updates to the firmware have been very generous and have added a lot of features over the years. Totally fun and very usable. The patch points are a nice touch, but lacks some of the most desirable routings …

  • Very versatile and fun to play

    Verified Purchase

    The six basic waveforms sound great, especially the classic super saw. The six newer waveforms after the latest update are seriously weird and open up a whole new world of sounds. It's a great deal of fun to perform on this live. Many people complain about the keyboard because of its snappy, push-b…

  • Verified Purchase

    So Great So Amazing

  • Great Synth

    I Love it

  • Interesting concept... and capable of real grit

    This is definitely NOT a Minilogue. First, it's an analog modeling synth using Roland's Circuit Modeling technology. But, they do a pretty damned good job at reproducing the sound and feel of analog synths. It has a multi-oscillator detuned waveform (akin to their famous supersaw first seen on the J…