The Roland System 1-M Plug-Out Synthesizer Module offers all the sound sculpting power of a modular system in a format that can translate into different forms of synthesis. Armed with an LFO and dual oscillators with six selectable waveforms, the signal can be pitched, filtered, and distorted through dedicated effect sections with easily readable backlit parameters. Clocking in at 84 HP, the System 1-M is expansive enough to operate all on its own, but the real fun comes in patching it into other modules and controllers via MIDI, USB, and AIRA connectivity.

Product Specs

  • System 1-M Plug-Out Synthesizer Module
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Roland System 1-M Plug-Out Synthesizer Module
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  • I like the System-1m, I don't quite love it but it's a capable piece. It's modular capability is definitely a +. I found the system-1 synth engine to be OK; it's a fairly digital sounding synth. The plug-out synths seem pretty good but there are only three available, and they're not exactly cheap. …

  • I have been nailing some very nasty patches out of this with ease. I look forward to my future with this.

  • Very pleased 👌🏼🤘🏼

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