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Reviews for the Roland GP-8 1988
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  • GP8 in Marshall Effects Loop

    Verified Purchase

    Only had this for a month or so but can already tell its a keeper. It replaced a Lexicon MPX550 and I have no regrets. Straight forward and easy to program. Its like having a pedal board full of Boss pedals in a programmable rack unit. They say it's eight different pedals but it's more than that bec…

  • Verified Purchase

    So chill, 7 80s boss pedals in one box. Unit can be noisey but it good noise. NR or EQ good look. Front panel is easy to use, 16 presets running whichever effects u want in line. Effects loop useful. Run it wit a sansamp rpm/rbi and u gonna be stoked.

  • Awesome 80s & 90s guitar tone!

    Verified Purchase

    The blend of analog and digital worlds and deep programmability allow for some epic tones. I have several effects units from the 80s & 90s from ART, Digitech, & Alesis, and this model is worlds above those. Even with a board full of pedals, this effects unit adds new tone. Used by Nils Lofgren and the E Street Band tour, this has plenty of life left!