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  • Cube 40XL
  • Black
  • 2010s
Reviews for the Roland Cube 40XL
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  • Verified Purchase

    The Amp is great I love the loop to play along with rhythm section, the only thing that was a little expensive was getting a pedal for this unit, my GX pedal does not work with this unit, overall a great amp


    Verified Purchase

    I already own an 80XL and love it but it was a bit heavy just to drag to a jam at my friend house. The 40XL is much lighter, plenty loud, has great boss effects, 6 channels and an 80 second looper!!! I use a 6 button footswitch to access all of its awesomeness. No pedalboard necessary.

  • Roland Cube 40XL WOW !

    Verified Purchase

    I have a Cube 20xl that I have used for several years for small room, low volume work, I was looking for a nice sounding, higher powered clean amp to use in tandem with my PRS DG30. I found a pristine 40xl here on and decided to give it a try because the price was amazing and also beca…

  • Really inspiring.....

    Verified Purchase

    I've got two of these little gems for stereo performance. I have numerous tube amps of great quality (and price) but I keep using these lightweight, tonefull little gems. Great boss effects and a simple, fun looper. Get an xl series cube and be surprised how good (and loud) these solid-state amps can sound.

  • Nice Amp.

    I bought a 40XL and love it. I bought a JC 120 years ago. I also have a Cube 80GX. Reliable, light weight, versatile, nice effects and loud. Just pick it up and go. It'll play most all gigs.