Roland Boutique Series SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Module and K-25M keyboard unit
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Built as a collaborative effort between Roland and Studio Electronics, the Boutique Series SE-02 Analog Synthesizer places enormous monophonic power in a compact unit with a versatile package of options like three cross-modulated VCOs, a dual-gainstage amp, and 16-step sequencer.

  • Synthesis Type: Discrete-circuit analog monophony

  • Sections: Three voltage-controlled oscillators (six waveforms), one 24dB lowpass filter (nine waveforms), dual gain stage amplifier, 16-step sequencer

  • Memory: 384 presets, 128 user slots, 128 sequence pattern slots, 16 songs

  • Other Features: Three cross-modulation types, onboard digital delay, filter feedback loop, envelope sweep/inversion, CV input, gate input, MIDI

Product Specs

  • Boutique Series SE-02 Analog Synthesizer
  • Black
  • 2017

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Reviews for the Roland Boutique Series SE-02 Analog Synthesizer Module
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  • A LOT of Sounds from such a Little Box!

    Verified Purchase

    This thing is a lot of bang for the buck. 6 star sound, but as you've probably read, the knobs are small and close together. And they are smooth and hard. I'm looking for some grippy replacements. Still it's a joy. The sequencer is pretty flexible. And the little speaker sounds better than you'd exp…

  • Small, but mighty

    Verified Purchase

    This is a great 3 osc synth. Lots of knobs and switches. Small, convenient footprint with a punchy, solid sound. The multi-wave LFOand the XCOMM allow for many options. The onboard sequencer is pretty good and lots of fun. Be aware that the main output is 1/8" mono (not 1/4"), and the USB input is t…

  • Wow!

    Verified Purchase

    This is a very powerful little machine. After having it for just a few weeks, I know that I will need to upgrade because I want larger knobs and a keyboard. I'm not a huge fan of buttons and switches that do multiple things because I forget and use them incorrectly. That's just me though. Every time…

  • Very fun module packed with many features

    Verified Purchase

    This is the first monosynth I ever bought. It may look like a Minimoog, but its sound and architecture aren't Moog-like. I like the oscillators, but the filter at self-oscillation sounds a bit harsh. The fact that you can store sequences and play around with the delay makes the fun endless. My only…

  • Fantastic Beast

    Verified Purchase

    Tried it out once. It's mighty! You can get the gnarlieat of sounds possible out of it.