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Crafted with a dual mic and guitar channel design with phantom power, a rich stereo multiband digital chorus for a natural and organic tone, and an immensely compact design for easy transport, the Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amp is an all-in-one solo performer package. Powered by digital signal processing (DSP) technology, this combo expands on its aural fidelity with an anti-feedback section and nuanced three-band EQ for pinning down the perfect tone. Whether you're on your way to a gig at the coffee shop or want to do some busking on the subway platform, the AC-60 will make sure you get heard.

Product Specs

  • AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amp
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amp
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  • Verified Purchase

    Plastic input jacks may crack. Two were cracked on my unit purchased used. Overall sound, power and effects are remarkable. Cannot have reverb and delay on at the same time because one rotary knob runs both effects. One or the other, dude..

  • Great amp

    Verified Purchase

    This little, light weight acoustic amp packs a bit of a punch. My Clavinova 609 sounds great through it too. Sound shaping is possible with this Roland. Good deal for what this amp offers. Another thing that surprised me in a bad way is that there is no "hiss" when turned on or in between songs.…

  • Roland AC-60 does it right.

    Verified Purchase

    Great sounding amp. Easy to use with useful effects and controls. Only issues I've found is no volume control for the aux. in like the Ac-33 has, and the Line out doesn't send the signal from the aux. in out with the other signals. other than that, I love it.

  • I should have bought this years ago

    Verified Purchase

    This is a great amp and not just for acoustic guitar. I've only used it once for a gig and that was as a small PA. I jacked a mini mixer (with four mic inputs) into the aux inputs the back of the amp, added some chorus and reverb, and it was great for a small bar gig for St. Paddy's Day. I'm also l…


    Verified Purchase

    I use a Fishman system for my acoustic rig (guitar and mandolin)- an Aura insert in my guitar's soundhole, a Fishman bridge on my mando, and a preamp on the floor. I'd been running it through a small Peavey solid state bass amp and that sounded surprisingly good- plenty of high end which I did not …