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Reviews for the Roger Mayer Voodoo-Axe
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  • most excellent fuzz pedal

    Verified Purchase

    As far as I can tell you just about anything made by Roger Mayer is absolutely top notch and this pedal is no exception I have used many different fuzz boxes starting with the old school Big Muff and in my experience this one is the best and it is my silicon based go to pedal. This is high end stu…

  • Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz Traditional big box

    Verified Purchase

    This has quickly become one of my favourite fuzz units. It's got a higher input impedance, so it works with more guitars than just strats. And it doesn't get too woofy. It has a TON of gain on tap thx to the high gain silicon transistors. So , you just want to be judicious about where you set the fu…

  • Roger Mayer Axis

    Verified Purchase

    Amps must have been really dull sounding when Roger designed his Fuzz pedals because they are unbelievable bright. I have the tone off on the pedal and off on my guitar to use this. Great sound once you do that.