The Roger Mayer Spitfire is designed to produce classic triode tube distortion so that chords can be distinguishably played. Its low-noise, high-gain analog design can be controlled with Output Level, Drive, and Gain knobs.

Product Specs

  • Spitfire Rocket Series Distortion
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Roger Mayer Spitfire Distortion
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  • Forge with fire

    Verified Purchase

    There is an IC inside to produce the massive distortion, just like the IP Muff. but if you put an overdrive after it...it behaves like a fuzz with balls.

  • Billy Gibbons here

    This is not, repeat not a bedroom pedal. It shines at high amp volume where you can hear that tone and low noise. Not for noobers. For professional applications only. Do not try this at home. ZZ Top in a box.