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Rocktron's Boutique Series effects feature durable metal casings with laser etched artwork to create a rugged, eye-catching line of pedals. 

A classic transistor fuzz with a unique serpent-based design, the Cottonmouth Fuzz is an intense but flexible effect.
The Bite control adds pre-drive fuzz, while the Spit controls fuzz audio cycle time to create a sputtering, spitting effect. The fuzz attack time is controlled with the Strike knob while the Venom knob controls the sustain, for creating synth like effects. A Level control adjust the overall output of the effect. With the Bite control all the way up, the dual LEDs in the snakes eyes actually flash in time with the Spit's setting. A striking pedal perfect for psychedelic rock or raucous proto-punk freakouts. 

Product Specs

  • Cottonmouth Fuzz
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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