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Reviews for the Rock Slide GRS-SC Glass Slide - Small
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  • I like it

    Verified Purchase

    I use the small size as a pinky slide

  • Best Fitting Slide

    Verified Purchase

    i'm trying to teach myself to use a slide with my pinky. I have skinny fingers and have a had a hell of a time finding a slide to fit my pinky. This Rock Slide fits my pinky very well. Not perfect mind you, but I don't have to worry about it flying off when I take my hand off the fret board. The a…

  • Slide Away!

    Verified Purchase

    The Rock Slide for me is a nice little piece! I got the small one to put on. It works better for me, than a full glass tube, which Iv'e been using. Think of it as a custom glass slide! Just right for the finger! Also comes with a nice tube for storage.

  • Verified Purchase

    very slick

  • Rock Slide Glass Slide

    Verified Purchase

    Been through quite a few slides in my quest of learning slide guitar. The glass Rock Slide is the one that I go back to every time. Great fit with the cut away for your knuckle and flat spot to keep it on track. A couple other glass slides I have are just lifeless, this one just sings.