RME Fireface UFX USB/Firewire Audio Interface

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Reviews for the RME Fireface UFX USB/Firewire Audio Interface
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  • The driver is stable and reliable like the sun

    You don't really know RME stability until you experience it. And this is one of the best interfaces to experience it with.

  • The Best USB/FireWire interface on the planet

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    Don’t settle for anything else. RME is the BEST. The UFX is the flagship so don’t even think about it

  • Does it Get Any Better Than This?

    Verified Purchase

    Im not gonna sugar coat this. This unit ROCKS! If you are even contemplating this unit. Stop what you are doing. You have found an awesome interface. The clarity and ease of use of this is like nothing I have ever used. The build quality is rock solid. It doesnt take a rocket engineer to figure out …

  • Great

    Verified Purchase

    As everyone said, this is a very good interface. I just upgraded from a RME Fireface 800 that I had for years. I just plugged the UFX in with the same exact setup and I was amazed at how much more clarity and detail I can hear with the UFX. The only strange thing is that the UFX does not SPDIF inputs.

  • Don't settle for anything else folks

    Verified Purchase

    The UFX is in it's own class. Even compared to RME's own Babyface Pro, UCX or 802, the UFX always takes it a notch higher. If you want pristine accurate sound with rock solid stability and metering then there is no other choice on this planet. PC or MAC makes no difference. And don't hesitate to bu…