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The RJR BAX Mastering EQ is a stereo Baxandall-type equalizer designed specifically for mastering, though it's still an absolute beast on individual groups and busses. All of the controls are stepped for precise channel matching and recall using high-quality ELMA switches -- 26 positions for boost/cut and 6 positions for frequency selection. This incredibly smooth EQ has interactive bands, with curves that change depending on how much you're boosting or cutting each band in relation to another. While that sounds a bit complicated, it makes the BAX Mastering EQ incredibly intuitive and musical. Big, thumping low-end can be had in a hurry and then gently tightened up with the push-button low frequency cut switches. Bring out the presence of a mix with the midrange control and dial in as much silky high-end as you desire without ever having it sound harsh...unless the source was harsh.

Product Specs

  • BAX Mastering EQ
  • Metal
  • 2010s

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