The Rickenbacker 660 electric guitar draws from the classic Rick "cresting wave" body shape originally designed in the '50s. Its rosewood fingerboard complements the 660's maple body and neck, and though the 660 is similar to the 620 in design, there are a few differences, including the inclusion of vintage-style pickups. The Rickenbacker 660 is part of Rickenbacker's 600 Series, which has been favored by players like Tom Petty and Mike Campbell.

Product Specs

  • 660
  • Fireglo
  • Jetglo
  • Mapleglo
  • Midnight Blue
  • Montezuma Brown
  • Ruby
  • 2002 - 2015
Made In
  • United States
Body Shape
  • Single Cutaway
Body Type
  • Semi-hollow Body
Finish Features
  • Matching Headstock
Fretboard Material
  • Rosewood
Number of Strings
  • 6 String
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed

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Reviews for the Rickenbacker 660 Electric Guitar
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  • Rickenbacker 660/6

    I think the extra width of the neck is a bonus. Its the same as my Taylor acoustic, a couple of mm. wider than a Fender Tele Thinline and a Gibson Les Paul. I am now getting the 660/12 which will be the same. This will mean all my guitars are about the same neck width so there will be very little adjustment when playing.

  • 660-6

    Verified Purchase

    Ummm !

  • πŸ€‘

    Verified Purchase

    Electric guitar heaven πŸ˜‡

  • Amazing!

    Verified Purchase

    Love it to death! One of the best necks ever! It is so easy to play leads on the glossy fretboard. Some people say it's not for playing lead and I think they are crazy. It is awesome for leads. It also looks beautiful! The Beatles played Rickenbacker. That's pretty good company!

  • Rickenbacker 660-6

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar is everything I wanted. sounds great looks great and plays very well. Low action, good weight. The strap buttons are not standard wood screws, they are threaded bolts! Had to buy special buttons compatible with strap locks. Controls are a bit different with volume on bottom and tone on top.