Rickenbacker 660 DCM 75th Anniversary Dark Cherry Metallic 2007

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As part of the 600 series, the Rickenbacker 660 uses the classic Cresting Wave body shape that dates back to '50s. The 660 is similar to the 620, but uses vintage style pickups, a more figured top, and a different tailpiece. The 660 also features gold plastic hardware instead of white and a slightly thicker nut width. The DCM series of Rickenbackers were released in 2007 in celebration of Rickenbacker's 75th Anniversary with a unique dark cherry metallic finish.

Years of Production: 
1998 - present

Body Style: Solidbody Cresting Wave, neck thru 

Wood Composition: Maple body, Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Two vintage pickups, triangle inlays, trapeze tailpiece, five control knobs, bound top, gold plastic hardware

Notable 600 Series Players: Tom Petty, Mike Campbell 

Product Specs

  • 660 DCM 75th Anniversary
  • Dark Cherry Metallic
  • 2007

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