Rickenbacker 4001  1973 Mapleglo
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Initially developed as a deluxe, two-pickup upgrade to Rickenbacker’s 4000 bass, the Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar has become a notable model for its long list of famous players. First released in 1961 with production lasting through the very early ‘80s, the 4001 has earned fans in bass players like Lemmy Kilmister, Kim Gordon, Rick James, Geddy Lee, and many, many more. The extra pickup was added to the 4001 to widen tonal possibilities and up the bass frequency response.

Product Specs

  • 4001
  • Autumnglo
  • Azure Blue
  • Azureglo
  • Burgundyglo
  • Fireglo
  • Jetglo
  • Mapleglo
  • Red
  • White
  • 1960s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Guitar
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  • Great Feel & Tone

    Verified Purchase

    What can I say about finally owning an original 1981 4001 model? But when I saw one pop up for a great price I couldn’t let it slip by. I’ve played the latest Rick models. Not a big fan of the feel or sound. But the originals are awesome. I love mine and will cherish it for the rest of my life. If y…

  • Beautiful Bass

    Verified Purchase

    I owned a4001 in the ‘70s and have acquired one of the same year 1974 in great shape love it

  • Verified Purchase

    Love this bass so much! Just as described and exactly what I was looking for to replace my old one! Even Better actually!

  • 75 4001 blonde

    I’ve owned this bass since 75, it was never in the store . She came directly from Rickenbacker to me. It’s never been adjusted or in the shop even once. By far the best instrument I have ever owned. Plays great and NEVER goes out of tune. Rock on LuLu

  • THE rock n roll BASS GUITAR!!

    I have owned my MAPLEGLO 74 stereo since 87, by far the best bass on the planet, I mean just LISTEN to CHRIS SQUIRE and GEDDY LEE!,nuff said! As soon as I plugged it into my 75 SVT, the bands whole presence evolved, improved, and EVERYONE said so. Had an immediate KICK YOU IN THE CHEST feel, virtua…