Rickenbacker 370-12RM Roger McGuin Limited Edition Fireglo 1989

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The Rickenbacker 370 is the same as the iconic 360, but with and additional pickup in the middle position. The 370 followed the same changes and progression as the 360, and was also produced as a 12-string as the 370-12. In 1988, Rickenbacker produced a limited edition of 1000 370-12s based on the guitar of Byrds member Rodger McGuinn. 

Years of Production:
 1988 - 1989

Body Style: Semi-hollowbody, Double cutaway

Wood Composition: Maple body, three-piece Maple/Walnut neck with Rosewood fingerboard

Notable 300 Series Players: George Harrison, Peter Buck, Roger McGuinn, Carl Wilson

Product Specs

  • 370/12RM Roger McGuin Limited Edition
  • Fireglo
  • 1989
Made In
  • United States