Rickenbacker 1997 VB Rose Morris Reissue Fireglo 1988

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The Rickenbacker 1997 was an export version of the 335 distributed in Europe by British company Rose Morris. The only major difference between the 1997 and the 335 is the use of a traditional F-hole instead of a slanted sound-hole on the bass side of the body. Starting in 1987, the model was reissued by Rickenbacker. 

Years of Production: 
1964 - 1969, 1987 - 2000

Body Style: Double cutaway semi-hollowbody

Wood Composition: Maple back and sides, three-ply Maple/Walnut neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: 25 3/4-inch scale length, dot inlays, five control knobs, toaster-top pickups, vibraot tailpiece  

Finish Specification: Fireglo was a standard finish for the 1997.

Notable Players: Tom Petty, Peter Buck, Johnny Marr

Product Specs

  • 1997 VB Rose Morris Reissue
  • Fireglo
  • 1988