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Reviews for the Roto Tom 6/8/10" 3pc Set
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  • 'Whoa dude, you sound like Rush, dude!'

    Verified Purchase

    Well, uh, they're roto toms. Roto toms have a flat, high and tight sound, with very short decay. It's that early Rush Neil Peart sound. Rotos are unique in a tuning sense; one tunes the batter skin (the only skin) as one would a conventional drum, but one can raise or lower a rotos pitch on the fly …

  • Roto toms - Great unique sound to add to your repertoire

    Verified Purchase

    My toms came with some wear and tear from good use over the years. Even though the heads were mismatched and well worn, they sounded great once they were tuned up. They're great for getting that gated 80's sound that's so popular these days. All around great buy.