The Red Witch Factotum is a bass octave and overdrive housed in the same unit. The effects function independently, and the pedal features a wet/dry mix knob for combining the effects.

Product Specs

  • Factotum
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Red Witch Factotum
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  • This Great Drive plus one of the best analog Octavers around ...

    Verified Purchase

    packed together in a silver shiny medium size box, gives two independent switchable Effects on very reasonable space. Very professionally built with love to detail. Bringing grit and grind from subtile to raging, very smooth overdrive is also no problem. Never failing in the bass register - the low end is always there and clear. Permanent resident on my pedalboard.

  • Verified Purchase

    I'm a pretty straight-forward bass player and require not much in terms of effects. I like chorus, octave and a bit of fuzz from time-to-time. The Red Witch pedals (Zeus and Factotum) seemed to be just what I wanted. Tried the Zeus, and it's great, but the fuzz seemed to be too aggressive for me. Tr…

  • Todo mal ... salió con defecto !!! dos meses y sin poder llegar a un arreglo con la marca.

  • Awesome

    This is a great tool for any bass player to have in their arsenal. It combines two very usable bass effects in one box that allows you to save space without compromising sound. The octave is all analog, monophonic, and tracks very well, not as great as say an EHX POG but much better than other octav…