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Plexi-lovers, search no more: the perfect Plexi emulation pedal is here in form of the Ramble FX Marvel Drive 3. If you dig the crunchy, thundering rock tones of the ‘60s and are in love with the sound of a vintage Marshall Plexi, then plug in the unique Marvel Drive and play away. Featuring 2 parallel JFET gain stages, mimicking the gain stages of many Marshall amps, the Marvel Drive 3 allows you to dial in the deep thud or bright, vivid roar associated with those retro amps using the Treble, Normal, Master, and Presence knobs. And with the addition of an 18v/9v toggle switch, you can really dial up the gain to a full barrage of sound.


Product Specs

  • Marvel Drive V3
  • Standard
  • 2010s

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