Feed your amp right into a PA to get your true sound in the mix with the Radial JDX amplifier DI. If you can't mic your amp, the JDX's Class A circuitry and "reactive" load handling give you the most organic sound recreation possible, providing tone far more consistent than that of a microphone -- but works well with a mic, if need be. Great in the studio and on the stage, the JDX amplifier DI can provide the amp emulation you need.

Product Specs

  • JDX Reactor Amplifier Direct Box
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Canada

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Reviews for the Radial JDX Amplifier Direct Box
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  • Verified Purchase

    Device works as described. Simple to use. I have paired this with a Marshall DSL40CR and connected it to a Yamaha MG124CX mixer outputting to a pair of 400 Watt speakers and a 700 Watt subwoofer. The sound is amazing . . . the amp sound is very closely replicated through the sound system. It takes a…

  • Great for consistent sound

    This takes the guess work out of mic'ing up your cab and getting a different result each night at gigs.

  • Great for the gigging musician.

    Verified Purchase

    I've been gigging about 5 years or so averaging 3 nights a week. The JDX 48 is a great product. It makes it really easy to set up and play. I leave my box in the back of my amp, set up at all times. That way all I need to do is grab and XLR and go to the board. No mic needed. I also found that the…