Quilter Steelaire 200w 1x15" Guitar Combo

Product Specs

  • Steelaire 200w 1x15" Guitar Combo
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Quilter Steelaire 200w 1x15" Guitar Combo
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  • A New Era for Clean!

    Verified Purchase

    I am very impressed with my new (used but mint) Quilter Steelaire combo. I am currently using it with my Taylor T5, and newly acquired T3b. It has gigantic presence and more clean headroom than a Twin Reverb. It is also quieter than a tube amp. I have a top-secret set-and-forget 9 volt pedal now Ve…

  • Verified Purchase

    I can get this thing to sound very similar to my old familiar Nashville 400, but with a good deal more punch and immediacy. Authoritative would be a good word for it. The reverb is nearly silent, unlike my Nashville's hissy reverb. AND IT WEIGHS NEXT TO NOTHING!!!!! Crazy!!!

  • Nice amp: very versatile as stated below.

    Verified Purchase

    Lots of clean power. Reverb and trem are very nice. Light weight. The one reason I am not giving it 5 stars is that it doesn't come with a foot switch. Should for the price. That said, I play lap steel, pedal steel, baritone and six string guitar and this accommodates all quite nicely. 4 band eq i…

  • This is a revolutionary amp for the clean player

    I initially purchased the Quilter Steelaire (here on Reverb, about six months ago) to have an alternative to my hefty Fender Twin Reverb w/ 15" speaker. The mighty Twin is a highly sonorous piece of gear, especially with the nice Peavey Black Widow steel guitar speaker I put in it. (Note: I play six…

  • The Best!!

    Verified Purchase

    The best sounding clean tone I've ever heard from an amp. Just a wonderful piece of equipment. The most versatile "plug and play" amp I've ever owned. All my guitars, including acoustic and baritone, sound fantastic. May replace every other amp I own. Getting another for stereo sound would be fantastic.