Quilter Frontliner 2x8W Guitar Speaker Cabinet

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Reviews for the Quilter Frontliner 2x8W Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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  • WOW! This Little Sucker Rocks!

    Verified Purchase

    I paired it with the 101 Mini Reverb head. Looks like a little floor monitor, sounds like a full blown Twin Reverb! I read the hype and didn't believe it until I tried it out myself. This thing really will easily keep up with a pair of 12s! They advertise it as keeping up with a 4x12. I don't h…


    Verified Purchase

    I started out with a SteelAire pushing a Frontliner 2x8 and immediately saw the benefit of grabbing another 2x8. Buy a Gator tilt Stand and mount these Stacked vertically together and WOW!!!

  • Love it!

    Verified Purchase

    The perfect grab and go jazz rig. Warm, clear pristine sound. Combined with my Pro Block 200 it only weighs 28lbs.

  • Killer cab

    Verified Purchase

    I've tried this out with two different heads, and it's a well rounded, punchy, controlled cab. Build quality is top notch. The drivers work well and they sound awesome.