Featuring an LED display, traditional RAT filter control for nuanced brightness control and double the output of a traditional RAT with 2.8V, the Turbo Rat is the most intense distortion in the RAT family. Designed to slice through a mix when you really want your playing present, this is a natural fit for any metal genre, but also functions well in post-punk and indie rock.

Product Specs

  • Turbo Rat
  • Black
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the ProCo Turbo Rat Distortion
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  • At last the expected distortion

    Verified Purchase

    happy with this wonderful coupling generator and a fantastic and powerful granular distortion with hardly any compression.

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  • It's a Rat!

    Verified Purchase

    Has that Rat sound of course. With the LED clipping it is a little crunchier, and less fuzzy than a standard Rat. Has more volume available, and a little less gain. If you like lower gain Rat sounds, you'll like this one because it's a little fuller (less bass rolloff) due to having the distortion k…

  • My New Favorite Distortion

    Verified Purchase

    Definitely do not regret getting one of these. It sounds thick and dirty, rich and harmonic; the filter lends to a wide variety of different fuzz. I run everything through this thing; drum machines, synths, and guitar, but my favorite pairing may be with bass!

  • Essential dirt with tons of character

    Verified Purchase

    The Turbo RAT is, for me, an essential dirt pedal. I have had pedalboards with as many as three Turbo RAT circuits with different knob settings and jobs depending on their strengths. Of the early pedals from Kalamazoo each has a slightly unique character from one to the next but the common traits th…

  • Great unique sounding. Dirty but also harmonic... nice on guitar but even sicker on bass!!