ProCo RAT Limited Edition Reissue '85 Whiteface RAT LM308 chip
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Built with the iconic '80s-era white logo chassis, classic three-knob layout of distortion, filter, and volume all with the addition of the highly coveted LM308 chip which put this pedal on the map, the ProCo RAT Whiteface Reissue is a gain-laden blast from the past. Capable of traversing the spectrum from a warm gritty blues tone to the signature treble-centric piercing wail RATs staked their name on, this compact box pumps out throaty, versatile tone. From the tones of "Eruption" to an SRV wail and beyond, the Whiteface is up for the challenge.

Product Specs

  • RAT Whiteface Reissue
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the ProCo RAT Whiteface Reissue
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  • Rat-diculous!

    Verified Purchase

    Vintage 1985 with the LM 308 chip. Just like I remember it back in the day... Great distortion box. Very flat eq. The trick with this one is to run it with the Distortion down (10 O'clock or lower) and the Volume up ( 2 O'clock) Filter to your preference. Classic Pedal

  • great seller!

    great pedal!

  • Great distortion pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Have been looking for a truly great sounding, relatively-compact OD/distortion pedal for my synth rig and am very happy I bought the Rat Reissue. The distortion and filter sound great. Will likely replace my Tube Driver (with “Bias” dial) on my board as the primary ovedrive/distortion. A beautiful and fun pedal.

  • Very similar to a newer stock RAT.... but maybe a hair better?

    Verified Purchase

    First off, I'll just say that I love both of my RAT pedals, this '85 Whiteface Reissue with the LM308 and a stock Chinese RAT 2 from 2016 with the 0P07. For the price point, I expected the WFRI to blow me away and do things that my original RAT couldn't even touch but after A/Bing them extensively,…

  • Fantastic!

    Verified Purchase

    I’ve owned a number of Rats, including some vintage ones. This is hands down the best sounding one I’ve tried. Prior to this, my favourite was an original from 1986. This reissue has the amazing build quality of the originals, nails the sound and was less noisy. The magic comes from the fact tha…