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Reviews for the ProCo Rat Big Box Reissue with LM308 Chip
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  • Disappointed

    Verified Purchase

    I had a big box reissue that sounded wonderful. I regretfully traded it some years ago, and have never found a pedal that sounded as good. This one looks like the one I had, but does not have the same magic. Am I chasing a dream from my memory? Maybe. I will keep chasing.

  • Pro co big box rat.

    Verified Purchase

    I have owned a few of the reissue big box rat pedals. They all sounded good but two of them had a label on the inside of the in closure that sad "Dolfman" and the initials D.F. For whatever reason they sounded better to me. I definitely recommend the Dolfman rat pedal.

  • '91 Reissue

    Here's the deal - it's not very difficult to research the circuit board layout of the various iterations of a Rat...the '91 - if you look closely - has a couple of 'tells' that show it's close to (or is) 'exactly' wired as an original, first run 'big box' - or perhaps even a ' bud box' -the very fir…

  • Sounds a little harsh and brittle

    Not my cup of tea but I got my re-issue big box without the led for 65 clams back in 2002. Will part with it in a few years for big big bucks, mine is mint condition played for an hour NOS in original box.

  • Verified Purchase

    Works great, sounds even better!! Thanks so much!