The ProCo RAT ranks as one of the most widely used distortion pedals ever, a favorite of such disparate musicians as Jonny Greenwood, Nels Cline, Kurt Cobain and John Scofield. The ProCo RAT 2 emerged in 1988 and continues to be a popular pedalboard staple for both guitarists and bass players with its characteristic jagged gristle, courtesy of the legendary LM308 chip.

Product Specs

  • Rat 2
  • Black
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the ProCo RAT 2 Distortion
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  • Classic

    Verified Purchase

    Everyone and their mom uses the Rat, and it's not without reason. This thing is the go-to for post-modern distortion/fuzz dirt. I love the tone control knob- takes you from a grungy sludge to sizzling bacon and everywhere in between!

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  • Decent Overdrive

    Verified Purchase

    Given the reputation this pedal has with hard rockers, I was expecting an absolute brute of a dirt box; a proverbial wall of musical sound and fire breathing distortion. In other words, something completely over the top, not unlike a Triple Wreck or, dare I say; Metal Zone. Imagine my surprise whe…

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  • Unpopular opinion

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has a nice distortion tone but I was really hoping for a bit more dynamic range and maybe a touch quieter. But this for sure covers any heavier genre and sounds really good doing it.

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  • Cool, gritty, ratty distortion!

    Verified Purchase

    It has a great, gritty rock tone. Think old school. It has a very unique distortion character though. I honestly was surprised at how unique this sounds. In a day and age where every other player sounds the same, this helps you stand out just a tiny bit more. I took one star off because the cli…

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  • RAT!

    Verified Purchase

    Came super quick and sounds amazing.