Featuring JFET circuit design, complete attenuation and controls for threshold and release time, the Pigtronix Gatekeeper is a noise gate capable of silencing the unruliest of effects chains. Compact in design and simple to use, this pedal is perfect for high-gain rigs found in speed or death metal, or any genre incorporating an extensive amount of effects.

Product Specs

  • Gate Keeper Noise Gate
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Pigtronix Gate Keeper Noise Gate
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  • Doesn't mess with my prized amps' tone

    Verified Purchase

    I tried boss, isp, mxr and rocktron noise gates but never bonded to any of those pedals because i felt like they messed with the feel of my amps. I usually play KSR and Friedman amps pushed by a Klon KTR and/or an EQ pedal with hefty hi-mid and volume boost. The Gatekeeper is placed after my boost p…

  • Exactly what I needed

    Verified Purchase

    My set-up spans 3 boards, 30+ pedals, 2 boosts and a whole lotta cable. As you’d imagine, stopping on a dime while fuzzed out led to a lot of squealing....now that’s taken care of and I couldn’t be happier. This thing doesn’t color my tone and still allows the characteristics of the other pedals to shine.

  • Easy to use and works perfectly

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal works perfectly in line with other pedals or in an amp’s effects loop. It is easy to use, and looks great too!

  • Fast, hard, and analog

    Verified Purchase

    I also have the Boss NS-2 and the MXR Smartgate. This one seems the best of the three, (so good I now own two!) The NS-2 really screws with your tone (thin, brittle), the Smartgate seems to hype the upper mids a bit too. The Pigtronix leaves your tone intact (or very, very nearly), but can start to…

  • Snappy little bugger

    Verified Purchase

    For hard gating, this guy does the trick for sure. But it is definitely a one-trick pony. While this is a great hard-gate pedal, and lightning fast at it, I might have gone with a gate that has a side chain (EHX Silencer, TC Electronic Sentry, etc.) so that gating is dependent upon the dry signal in…