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Reviews for the Petty John Electronics Chime Overdrive
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  • Verified Purchase

    Adds that special something everyone looks for in all different gain leveled amps and different guitars. Very very versatile.

  • Great Everything Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    The Pettyjohn Chime is a great boost, low gain OD, and great tone enhancer whenever it is on, and it is on all the time! Great bloom when pressed hard as well as great dynamics and articulation! Awesome Drive!!

  • Amazing Drive Pedal builder.I like the Iron better though

    I’m like you, I’ve tried them all... JHS, Greenchild,Keeley,Wampler,Strymon,Xotic,Boss,TS9.. I wound up with the PettyJohn Iron, it surpasses Ll the others at that classic rock,AC/DC pure, Plexi type OD.. the Chime is lower gain,and just didn’t have that perfect blend w my Marshall. the name of the …

  • Sounds great!

    Verified Purchase

    Built like a tank and sings like an angel.

  • Petty John is No Joke

    Verified Purchase

    Petty John nailed it. Leave it on for that magical Chime. Like most of you Ive owned dozens +++ of pedals too. This will be and stay as my primary clean boost and let my KLON do the dirt. Heaven awaits people.