The Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner harkens back to the days of reliable build and construction with the modern technology to ensure you're always in tune. Able to tune with a plus/minus 0.1% accuracy range, the VSS-C provides one of the the most on-point tuning experiences on the market. Throw in features like an easily-readable LCD screen and roughneck metal enclosure and you've got a staple accessory that will go the distance.

Product Specs

  • Stomp Classic Strobotuner Pedal Guitar Tuner
  • Silver/Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner
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  • Accurate

    Verified Purchase

    Great tuner!

  • Best for my acoustic guitars

    Verified Purchase

    Always seemed like I had to tweak the B or G strings on my acoustics to sound spot on when using other tuners. With this one, my guitars sound perfect!! Haven't used it out on a gig yet, but it seems very sturdy and should last!

  • Verified Purchase

    Tuner functions as advertised! Only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is, its pretty big and pedal board real estate is precious. Still, its the best tuner Ive ever had since the Conn Strobe I used in the early 70s. Excellent unit.

  • Bass and the Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic

    Verified Purchase

    This is an easy to read, great tuner! I have always had problems with tuners when using 4 or 5 string basses...the low E and B strings confuse most tuners. The other tuners just cannot figure out the pitch...or cannot do it quick enough to fix the pitch. I was actually able to properly set my…

  • Best Tuner Around

    Verified Purchase

    I have the Peterson Clip-On and this is easily a superior product. The sweetened tunings are fantastic for compensating and intonating your guitar and this is much more readable and stable than the clip-on.