Pedaltrain is a go-to in the pedalboard community for its clever, simple designs and sturdily built boards. The Novo 24 is a five-rail design, featuring an open front and rail spacing perfectly suited for players who use true bypass switchers or need an extra rail for an extra-robust palette of effects. The board comes perfectly fitted to a tour-ready travel case—the perfect guarantee that your gear will be safe in transit.

Product Specs

  • Novo 24 with Tour Case
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Pedaltrain NOVO 24 w/tour case
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  • Great Midsize Board

    Verified Purchase

    This pedalboard is a great lightweight but durable board for any touring guitarist. It has enough space for the mad pedal scientist in you, but it is not too big. Make sure to spend the extra cash and get the hard case. It has been well worth the money for me. The only con is that my Zuma power supply just barely fit on the bottom side.

  • Roomy Novo 24

    Verified Purchase

    Upgraded to the novo 24 from a PT2 so I could add a Strymon Zuma with an Ojai power supply. It worked out great and what I thought was only a slightly bigger board actually makes a big difference and I can add even more pedals. The tour case is a must. I can stack my speaker cab on it when I use my cart for moving my rig. Really diggi’n Pedaltrain gear!!!

  • CME hooked it up.

    Verified Purchase

    You can fit a lot of pedals on this thing. Derp.

  • Quick, easy setup, solid touring case

    Verified Purchase

    Simple but versatile design. Easy to hide cables under the board for a clean look. Easy to mount power supply underneath. I needed a smaller board for local gigging and didn't want to make one. The case is built as well as my larger touring board case. This saved me so much in set up time and headaches.

  • This is a Safe Space...

    No more throwing hundreds of dollars worth of pedals on a wooden slab...you are now free to move about the cabin.