Based on the classic Klon Cenatur, the Pedal Monsters Klone features a three-knob layout, big box design and acid etched logo.

Product Specs

  • Klone Overdrive
  • Copper
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Pedal Monsters Klone Overdrive
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  • Too tinny sounding

    Verified Purchase

    Just an over priced booster that adds a little fuzz. Tried using it in conjunction with my strats but it made em too bright even with tremble rolled all the way back maybe for humbuckers not for me .it will sit in a closet til I can get rid of it thanks

  • Great drive pedal

    Verified Purchase

    If you don’t have a Klone from pedal monsters, buy one. It might be the missing link. It does something special and you will like it 😎

  • The One.

    Verified Purchase

    If you’re looking for a Better Clone.this is the one for you,Price Friendly & Sounds like the Real Thing. I use it last night at the Wedding Outdoor& it Does what is Supposed to do.Lov it

  • Pedal Monsters Klone

    I agree wholeheartedly with Ben M. down below! I just picked up a used one and it sounds 10x better than any klone I've owned, and I've built a few. I've had a soul food, MXR sugar drive, Movall Minotaur and I've tried a Tumnus. This one sounds really nothing like those. So smooth and creamy you …

  • Save $2000 cause this is a Klon

    Do yourself a favor, avoid the EHX Soul Food and get yourself a legit Klone. This rendition is a flawless reproduction, and an incredible swiss army knife for a pedalboard. With the gain down, its a buffer and tone sweetener you'll never want to turn off. With the gain up, its an open, transpare…