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Reviews for the Peavey Classic 30 1x12 Guitar Combo 1990s
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  • Boutique Shmootique

    Hartley Peavey, I think I love you

  • Unreliable

    Bought one of these second hand at the start of the year. Needed a reverb fix straight away as it was feedbacking on itself when turned up, even though it had apparently just been serviced. £30 right there. Lots of tube rattle and noise from the back and front of the amp, like a broken glass sound …

  • Great Amp

    This is a great amp. Excellent clean platform. Maybe a little loud for most home uses, but it works great in a live/band setting.

  • loved it as soon as the sound came on!

    Verified Purchase

    bought this little amp to help keep down the number of amps needed inside my Small Soundproof Booth here at the GUITAR PICKUP shop .. I think this one will do great, its got a real true tone..and has nice features that get you from FENDER to MARSHALL to VOX all in one

  • Classic 30 and Delta Blues

    Great amps and great buy. Only diff is the DB has a 115 blue marvel spkr and the 30 has 112 or 210. Slightly better sound with the 115, but either way a fantastic amp. I have (and have had) all the great fender amps---tweed deluxe, bassman, concert reverb, champ, vibrolux---and I still play several …