Peavey 6505 MH "Mini Head" 2-Channel 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head


The Peavey 6505 MH is a tube-powered brute that packs all the tone of the standard and "Plus" model 6505 heads into a compact enclosure. The 6505 MH's two channels have the same gain structure and voicing as the bigger amps, with the shared equalization section of the 6505 (the 6505+ has independent EQs) with reverb and an effects loop. The MSDI output section on the rear panel allows for direct recording of the amp with headphone monitoring, even simulating a microphone crammed up against a cabinet for authentic tone. No audio interface? No problem. A USB output uses an onboard converter to spit the 6505 MH's signal straight into your computer with no fuss.

Product Specs

  • 6505 MH "Mini Head" 2-Channel 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Peavey 6505 MH "Mini Head" 2-Channel 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head
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  • Best Small Metal Head?

    This captures monster tone in a small package. 1w mode is great for practice. 20w great for band practice. THIS AMP HAS CLARITY FOR LOW TUNINGS! That tends to be rare!

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  • Awesome Amp

    Verified Purchase

    The price definitely sells this head, especially being all tube. It'll push a lot of air, but break up a lot sooner than it's big brother (which is great by me, being an apartment dweller). A great sounding amp, even through headphones, with a surprising variety of tones given that the 6505 definite…

  • Really nice head

    Verified Purchase

    I cant believe the tone you get from this head. It really pushes. If you want any type of clean channel, don't get this. But if you want screaming leads with the gain knob on 2... Than this will do.

  • The tone is just ridiculously huge with this thing.

    Verified Purchase

    I got mine for an unbeatable price, and at first it sounded pretty good. Then I built a pedal board and now it just sounds like an animal. The tone it produces it just ridiculously huge.

  • Looks small, sounds HUGE

    Verified Purchase

    Crazy gain and great sounds coming out of this thing. Sending through an Orange 112 (Vintage 30), and it shakes the walls. Great deal on Reverb!