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Reviews for the Paul Reed Smith SE Mark Tremonti Custom 2017 - 2019
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  • PRS SE Custom

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar is F****** Awesome !!

  • Sounds are really good

    Verified Purchase

    Loved the sound of this but it was listed at $800 from guitar center. Found here for cheaper. Ordered quick. However I never tried at the store with a strap. This thing is absolutely way too heavy. It’s like a les Paul. I guess I assumed with all the improvements PRS tried to do over Gibson tha…

  • Very well made guitar

    Really solid and versatile guitar. A great choice if you want a Les Paul style guitar with a trem. The PRS style trem is a really great one, and is very comfortable for palm muting. Its tuning stability is quite good as well. The guitar is a bit on the heavy side, but is very comfortable to play. Overall, it sounds, plays, and looks fantastic.

  • Awesome guitar for the price!

    Verified Purchase

    Love this one so much I now have 3, set to various tunings. The added weight is noticeable, but not enough to deter from playing, and sounds even better than the standard thinner bodied version. Definitely my favorite PRS, I may even get another.

  • good as it gets

    Verified Purchase

    my pick for the best off the shelf guitar on the market for under $1000..guitar is intelligently cut away for easy access to the upper frets..pick ups sound better than any of the epiphone, ibanez, ltd or fender guitars I have had.. trem stays in tune and it's a lot easier to deal with than a floyd …