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Reviews for the Paul Reed Smith Archon 100w Guitar Head Amp
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  • Versatile and great sounding amp

    Verified Purchase

    I've been debating for a while as to which tube head I should get, or if I should go digital. I'm really happy I ended up going with the Archon. It's mainly an amp for high gain metal stuff, but the clean channel is surprisingly really good. A very versatile amp. Amp sounds great with minimal tweaki…

  • Best amp I’ve ever purchased.

    Verified Purchase

    I am blown away by this amp every time I turn it on. Literally and figuratively. It pushes air. And it sounds better and better the louder it gets. Straight away. The clean tone with all eq at noon is just smooth as butter. Flip the brightness on and it sings. The lead channel is some of the gnarlie…

  • The Archon is amazing

    Verified Purchase

    Being a large collector of tube amps (Marshall, Peavey, Engl, VHT/Fryette, Fender, PRS, Ampeg, Ect) I have to say this head ties as my top favorite. It is a two channel beast with very pristine cleans. The gain channel can do a nice break up crunch all the way up to crushing metal high gains while maintaining smooth and articulate tones.

  • LOVE my Archon

    Clean channel is super clean, jazz-capable. Takes pedals well, so you can add an OD and get a little breakup. Lead channel is AGGRESSIVE. You can back off on volume, and it cleans up, but never loses its bite. Great for Rock, Blues, Hard Rock, Metal. Also takes pedals well, so you can run it lean an…

  • Verified Purchase

    One word... Badass