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The most recognizable of all Paiste cymbal lines, the 2002 series is known for its bright attack, clear projection and strong ties to rock.

Powerful and bright with gong-like crashability and a well-defined ping sound, the 2002 Heavy Ride projects and cuts thanks to its heavy weight and B8 construction.

Years of production: 1971-present

Composition: CuSn8, aka "2002 Bronze"

Associated Artists: John Bonham, Steward Copeland, Ian Paice

Product Specs

  • 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal
  • Traditional with Black Label
  • 1970s
Reviews for the 1970s Black Label Paiste 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal
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  • PAISTE 2002 22" RIDE. OH YES.

    Verified Purchase

    If I had to take only one ride cymbal on a tour of the galaxy, it would be this ride or the PAISTE 2002 24" Ride. Get this ride and forget about. It sounds like glass and, more importantly, it sounds like a ride cymbal should sound. Do it. Don't bother with anything else.