Paiste 14" PST 8 Reflector Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbal (Top)

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Built as the highest-end line of the company's beginner PST series, the PST 8, like its predecessors, is constructed using Paiste's CuSn8 "2002" bronze alloy. In addition, these cymbals feature a final hammering process performed by hand and an application of the company's ultra-polished Reflector finish.

The Sound Edge design features a grooved bottom hat for fast foot response.

This price reflects the top hat.

Years of production: 2012-present

Composition: CuSn8 "2002" Alloy (92% copper, 8% tin, traces of silver)

Product Specs

  • 14" PST 8 Reflector Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbal (Top)
  • Brilliant
  • 2010s

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