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Crafted with a patented bronze alloy developed specifically for superior versatility and tone, the Paiste Signature series is one of the company's flagship products and a favored line amongst their artist roster. The cymbals are shimmering, rich and glassy in sound, and perform exceptionally well in both live and studio environments.

The 12" Flanger Bell is one of the most unique offerings in Paiste's history. When struck softly it produces a glassy, clean bell done, but crashing on the cymbal opens up a world of pulsating harmonic overtones with a strong chime-like fundamental.

Years of production: 1996-2015

Composition: Proprietary Signature Bronze

Notable artists: Chris Adler, Joey Waronker, Danny Carey

Product Specs

  • 12" Signature Flanger Bell Cymbal
  • Traditional
  • 2010s