Orange VT 1000  Valve Tester
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Reviews for the Orange VT-1000 Valve Tester
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  • A must have if you have more than one tube amp!

    Verified Purchase

    This product worked just as advertised and saved me from tossing out over $200 worth of questionable tubes. It also helps with matching up tubes for optimal sound and performance. A+

  • Verified Purchase

    Five stars based on the price and the fact that a product like this is available. I do not have a old school calibrated transconductance style tester to make comparisons with. I am going to find out over time how accurate the unit is just by putting tested tubes in service. I have only had my older emissions style tester so this is a step forward for me.

  • This product is an essential tool I never knew I needed

    Verified Purchase

    If you play tube amps you need this in your tool kit. It’s a straight forward way to check the heart of your tone. If your like me and love to use vintage tubes even in new gear it’s a must have. The VT-1000 is a fast simple way to make sure the tubes your about to put in your beloved amp are what …

  • Effective Tester

    Works great to test tubes and make sure they are up to snuff especially vintage tubes. Not as detailed as vintage tube testers but works great for the gigging musician and amplifier repair hobbyist

  • Orange VT-1000 Valve Tester

    Verified Purchase

    Great tool. It will conduct a lot of tests on most power and preamp tubes. It won't test rectifier tubes, but I'd guess that would add a lot to the cost. It won't test for arcing, but that will be apparent by a mixture of sound and sight, so again, not a deal breaker. I carry it with me along with spare tubes and fuses. A definite keeper.