Orange TH100H 100-Watt Twin Channel Guitar Head, Orange Tolex


The Orange TH100H is a twin channel 100W guitar head with gobs of headroom and a thick, creamy distortion. The loudest, most flexible amp in the TH-series, the TH100H is capable of everything from chiming clean tones to all-out warfare on the dirty channel, suitable even for modern metal and other chugging, high-gain sounds. Sculpting your tone has never been easier than with the TH100H's intuitive "Shape" control, a single-knob EQ with a huge range of sounds from the bottom to the top of the dial. The output power is switchable between 100/70/50/30 watts with a front panel full/half power switch as well as a rear panel switch that can take two of the EL34 power tubes out of the equation.

Product Specs

  • TH100H 100w Twin Channel Guitar Head
  • Orange
  • 2010s

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