The Orange OR50 Tube Guitar Amp isn't a head; it's a monolith in the world of amplification, an archetype of of what defines one of the most popular company's sound. Designed after their breakthrough "No Pics" introduced in 1972, the OR50 is built in a traditional single-channel layout with a three-stage gain circuit that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Sporting a nuanced three-band EQ for carving out your sounds, the real star of the show is the HF Drive control which simultaneously commands your power and presence.

Product Specs

  • OR50 Head
  • Orange
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United Kingdom

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Reviews for the Orange OR50 Tube Guitar Amp Head
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  • OR50 - Among The Finest For Rock Tones

    Verified Purchase

    If you like simple amps, and want killer tone, try one of these OR50’s. I wish it had a FX loop like the OR15, but it delivers the most straight forward, raw sounding notes, that you won’t want to quit playing. There’s just something about the way you can hear and feel the signal jumping out of th…

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  • Amazing piece of gear

    Verified Purchase

    I got the idea to use this amp as a bass head and have started writing music again. The amp is loud, it overdrives, and it dooms. I play through an orange 4x10 bass cabinet and am so happy with the purchase.

  • Verified Purchase


  • Superb amp

    Verified Purchase

    I run my new OR50 into an Avatar 2 x 12 with a Celestion 12H30 and a Greenback. Sounds great - thick, creamy, bright and aggressive British rock tones. Clean sound is also very good but this amp works best on the dirty side of the curb. Sound is somewhere between a Marshall 1987 and JCM 800, but it definitely has its own thing going on.

  • Verified Purchase

    I play this through an orange 2x12 with v30s. I set this thing to medium low gain for a classic tone and boost it with a bogner ecstacy red for high gain (although you can get killer classic metal tones by just setting the gain high on the amp). This is a no-frills amp, which I love. Classic, heavy …