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Reviews for the Orange AD200B Mk3 200w Bass Head
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  • Verified Purchase

    I saved up for this one and it was well worth it! With the gain turned up my fuzz pedal isn’t even needed anymore. I highly recommend this amp.

  • put the hammer down

    Verified Purchase

    Remember that scene in Home Alone where the furnace comes alive all evil and scares Kevin? That's what it's been like all week. I can't go in the basement after dark because of the vengeful god plugged into my 4x10 cab down there. The cats all ran off. My ol' lady went to get some laundry out o…

  • My first tube amp so far!

    I was skeptical about the capabilities within this particular unit. I'm normally about versatility... control... range. The short signal path is what made me decide against it for such a time, especially since it was only a mention from a friend. Needless to say, two years later... I finally caved a…