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Reviews for the One Control Xenagama Tail Loop II
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  • Very Satisfied. Transparent, reliable, dc outlets quiet so far.

    Verified Purchase

    This whole line of pedals is great. The high gain amp guy needs a relay switching looper. I’m a fender guy and this looper is perfect. Feed it one dc input and get 4 out. Just be sure 3 loops is all you need. The iguana has 5 but costs way more. I use multiple pedals in each loop. Before the loo…

  • Noisy switching

    Verified Purchase

    The switcher works nice when your amp is clean, but if you have high-gain, you hear popping when switching. Not horrible, but enough to be annoying.

  • Verified Purchase

    The switcher is great! It does exactly what it says and my signal chain is noticeably quieter. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the switcher didn't come with barrel cables for the DC power outlets.