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Reviews for the One Control Minimal Series White Loop
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  • Zazzy

    Verified Purchase

    Simple and even offers power for your Loops, good investment. Thank you

  • I bought a second one for my small board

    Verified Purchase

    These are terrific little units. The white version has a simple bypass switch to engage the loop, and an second switch to choose whether it's A or B loop that's engaged. Perfect if you quickly need to need to introduce sonic voicing with more than one pedal without the tap dancing. I'm using this…

  • Useful!

    This is an inexpensive but very functional loop switcher. You can have two loops and switch between the loops with one switch and the other switch controls the bypass. I use it to switch between gain/lead and mod/rhythm without having to step on 5 different pedals. It also has two 9v outs to power o…