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Reviews for the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Flat Light Textural Flange Shifter
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  • Digital Flanger with extras

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is pretty cool, for sure, but the sound is flat (per the name). It sounded like a digital effect from the early 2000s. The variants of the flanger sound are interesting, and fairly easy to control. The alt switch will max the lower right knob no matter what it's set at for whatever mod…

  • Much more than a flanger

    Verified Purchase

    Bought it to replace my Shepard's End and because I wanted to emulate sitar sounds. Does the job in an amazing way, but there's more : octave down, fuzz, envelope filter, you've got out of space funky tune for exemple. I found a cool setting for each mode and I would likely buy two other units so I have all that coolness with just one click on my looper.

  • Weird in the best way

    Verified Purchase

    I never thought I'd buy a flanger, let alone make it a focal point of my rig, but this pedal changed my mind completely. This pedal goes way beyond the jet flyby sound, incorporating delays and pitch-shifting capability, it gets out there but remains very usable. I've used mine with an expression pe…