Built with features like 17 digital oscillators, a smorgasbord of onboard effects, and three New Oxford oscillators on each of the eight voices, the Novation Peak Desktop Polyphonic Synth brings a world of power in a compact package.

  • Engine: Eight-note polyphony with three oscillators per voice each controlled by 17 wavetables

  • Control Sections: Oscillator 1/2/3, LFO 1/2, Mixer, Filter, Effects, Patch, Menu w/ digital screen

  • Effects: Analog Distortion, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Modulation

  • Other Features: Onboard arpeggiator, CV input, 16-slot mod matrix, MIDI connectivity

Product Specs

  • Peak Desktop Polyphonic Synth
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Novation Peak Desktop Polyphonic Synthesizer
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  • Peak is Amazing!

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased this synth a while ago and then couldn't really play it for a while. Due to time constraints I've mainly been working with soft synths. I brought the Peak out today for a bit of a jam and am just dumbfounded by how good it sounds! All of the modulation possibilities are great and easy to…

  • Desert Island Synth

    Verified Purchase

    Very happy with the peak, it's one of those synths that can really do it all. Amazing sound with the V.A. side of things and continuously variable wave shapes. The digital wave table is the icing on the cake. The modulation is vast between the two. The filter is sweet, the distortion full, almost re…

  • Just WoW!

    Verified Purchase

    Good GOD this thing is a BEAST! It's way more than I expected as far as sound versatility and not at all sounding digital. Way to go Novation!

  • Portable and Powerful at the same time

    Verified Purchase

    Novation best creation so far

  • Verified Purchase

    I love the workflow of the Peak. Going from Init to working patch is a wonderful journey. Often times, I find myself saving a patch halfway through because I want to revisit from that juncture and create a separate branch from there. The sound is smooth, and the character is warm. I love the digital…