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The Novation Launchkey 25 MkII is a lightweight and versatile keyboard controller purpose built for integration with Ableton Live but useful for any kind of computer or iOS based production. Featuring the velocity sensitive, RGB-lit pads from Novation's Launchpad grid controllers combined with a keyboard, plus faders and a bank of eight macro knobs for parameter control, the Launchkey gives you everything you need to mix tracks, tweak effects, program beats, play synths and perform live - all in one portable package. The 16 backlit pads provide two-way feedback so integration with Ableton is seamless whether you're triggering samples, playing drums or launching clips, while the 25 synth action keys let you control all your software synths and samplers. Whether your building rap beats, adding electronic elements to indie rock tracks or writing the next EDM hit, the Launchkey 25 MkII is an excellent production tool, particularly for those using Ableton.

Product Specs

  • LaunchKey 25 Mk2
  • Black
  • 2015 - 2020

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